Life At Actualcorp

Actualcorp's all about having fun while working on cutting-edge tech. There are over 200 of us working on developing the next generation of business telephony products, and we simply love it here!
Come visit us sometime - you won’t find any drab offices with low ceilings or a stuffy atmosphere. In fact, may we go as far as saying that our office is quite a chic – and friendly – place to be? And when we aren’t delivering the world’s best telephony solutions to our customers, we can be found sipping coffee on the benches outside. And if you’re one of those people who can’t stand Delhi’s summers, fear not, we’ve kind of turbocharged the air conditioning!
The tech team has its own way of having fun. For some strange reason which we can’t fathom, they've started naming new versions of our products on liquor. So yeah, we’re working on Martinis and Malibus.
At least the Knowlus platform team seems to a bit quieter and would rather climb the highest peaks in the world. We’re not sure what’s going to happen once all the noteworthy mountains have been conquered, but knowing the Knowlus chaps, they’ll set their sights on even more challenging tasks.
Sales is never an easy task and selling to an Indian business is even more daunting. The customer knows what he wants and he wants everything done right. We hear. And we deliver: We sell over phone. We sell over the web. And when all fails, we get on a bike and go sell face-to-face. Dedication – that’s our mantra!
And when we need a break, we get out for a game of table tennis – in fact, we probably have a world-beating team here. See you at the next Olympics!
Do you like parties? Why do I ask? Well, with over 200 of us working in close-knit teams, there are plenty of birthday celebrations happening. It used to a monthly affair, but by now it’s pretty much a daily thing.
These are just some moments from life at Actualcorp. We’re not saying that we're the best place to work, but what we do have is a nice place, a dream of changing how the world communicates, and the resources to achieve this. And we do that while never forgetting to live life to the fullest!