Super Receptionist

Super Receptionist is your virtual receptionist hosted securely in cloud telephony environment. SuperReceptionist service enables you with a business phone number that connects you with your customers 24 x 7. Greet your callers with a personalised welcome message customised specially for your business, manage call extensions, leave a voicemail, manage call logs and recording in real-time. SuperReceptionist turns your phone into a powerful assistant that will never lose a business lead again.
Stays With You, Forever
Worried about losing your precious business number, or customers calling old number, when changing office. Worry no more. Your SuperReceptionist number stays with you, wherever your office goes. It’s as simple as email.
Phone Number for Life
Stay Connected, Even When Away
You’re out on the go, but expecting that crucial phone call. Enjoy the convenience of having your calls routed to your home, mobile or any number - so you'll never miss another important call.
Perception is Reality
Never Lose A Business Lead
The business is getting competitive, what if a big order was lost because your phone was powered off when the customer called. From our website, you will get a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed.
Every Call is Important
Manage Calls Professionally
SuperReceptionist greets your callers with a professional welcome message, projecting a professional big company image. In the world of business - perception is reality. Businesses have seen the lead conversion go up with SuperReceptionist.