Smart IVR

SmartIVR strengthens the business with the power of a comprehensive marketing, sales, and customer support solution. With industry-leading features like call flow customization, deep database access, call-backs, voice recognition, in-built security, scalability, fault-tolerance, and web & SMS integration, SmartIVR is more than just a call center – it’s the ultimate cloud-based resolution for comprehensive call management.
SmartIVR resides and operates from the world's most reliable cloud computing platform. With inbuilt mechanisms for fail-over, redundancy, backup and auto-scaling.
Its reliable
SmartIVR's technology provides benefit of auto-scaling for during peak load hoursPlanning becomes trouble-free and effortless in case of increased call volume and in-and-out calls, without the need of infrastructure expansion.
Its scalable
SmartIVR packs in prevailing powerful call management features to build a stronger system to support business with comprehensive marketing, sales and customer support solution, which can either be predefined solutions or self created.